Andy and Mia are doing a magical thing; they are taking us out in the ocean and sharing its enormity, while at the same time shrinking what seems like a daunting task, and making going off shore an achievable and enjoyable reality.
— Ben Doerr // '18 Sweden-Orkney //

For me it was mission accomplished. I feel I got the experience I need with the ocean and Gulf Stream to pilot my own boat from Florida to Bermuda in the future, which was exactly my goal. I wouldn’t tackle Bermuda on my own yet though. It’s far! But one step at a time. For now, thanks to 59 North and all of their good people for a safe but true ocean adventure. If you are looking for blue water sailing experience and a fun adventure, I highly recommend that you sign up.
— Rob Stassen // '19 Key West-Bermuda // ISBJORN
I’m honored to have been on the first trip on ICEBEAR. It is a really cool boat (massively understated)!
— Will Foundtain // '19 Grenada-San Juan // ICEBEAR
I came home a better sailor armed with a sense that heading offshore in my own boat was not only possible but, with prudence and adequate preparation, doable.
— David McKay // '18 Svalbard // ISBJORN
That feeling of safety made the passage so immensely enjoyable for the newbie that I am, and had a deep impact on the way that I handle my own sailboat, prepare our passages, and most important: how I enjoy sailing. 
— Sophie Darsy // '18 Sweden-Orkney //
That trip was fantastic! That was the best sailing trip I’ve ever had in my life!
— Senator Tom Harkin (Ret.) // 5-time Crew // ISBJORN & ICEBEAR
I gained valuable offshore experience on a fine boat, learned how Andy & Mia competently manage their boat, learned about celestial navigation and had a great time doing it! That we got to do all that while completing Isbjorn’s first back-to-back 200-mile day passage was a smokin’ fast bonus! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again someday.
— Reed Ellis // '17 Grenada-BVI // ISBJORN
Ocean sailing is something you have to experience to understand, and I’m glad I did it on Isbjorn. The Swan 48 is an offshore machine and Andy and Mia are fantastic hosts and teachers. Andy got me to the point where I could steer the boat with my eyes closed wing on wing by feeling the wind. Beyond the sailing Cuba was an incredible destination. I’d highly recommend visiting even if you aren’t lucky enough to go in style on a sailboat to the Hemingway Yacht Club. Thanks for the check-mark on the bucket list!
— Greg Jorgensen // '16 Fajardo-Havana-Key West // ISBJORN
Great news about the Swan, really terrific boat and she looks beautiful! That’s one of my all time favorites - a true classic, and just a great sailing boat. Good show. She will treat you well, and is a good boat for running offshore trips. Congrats!
— John Kretschmer // Cape Horner, Author, Sailor
What a treat to sail with the 59 North A-team of Andy, Mia and Andy’s father Dennis. It was everything I hoped it would be…good sailing, good company and lots of practical sailing experience. All three of them brought something to the table to make the whole experience both educational and enjoyable. Also, it was a real treat to spend time at the helm of the Swan 48! It has set the bar high in terms of what I’ll be expecting from my next boat! Wishing you guys what I’m sure will be continued success!
— Matt Morrisson // '15 Lunenburg-Annapolis // ISBJORN
Andy & Mia were an absolute pleasure to sail with! They put together an informative and fun trip on an absolutely beautiful boat. Andy is a thorough teacher and Mia cooks up an insane amount of gourmet meals, even with the boat healing 20 degrees for days ;) I can’t wait to join the two of them again soon!
— Rachel Cumberland // '15 Lunenburg-Annapolis // ISBJORN
Andy and Mia, I want to thank you again for such a great experience. I can’t remember the last time I had a 10 out of 10 experience! I am already looking forward to sailing with you again.
— Dan Levine // Returning Crew // ISBJORN
Andy is an amazing sailor and speaker and just an overall great person to know. He has provided so much encouragement and wisdom about life at sea. I have just completed a passage to the Galapagos from Panama and will soon leave for a 3,000+ nm passage to French Polynesia. I’m glad to leave with the lessons he has taught me.
— Heidi Love // '12 Caribbean 1500 // CENTIME
Thanks to you Andy! We had a wonderful experience in amazing company! It was exactly what we were hoping for, and we learned a ton—about what it’s like to be on a passage, about sail trim, about boats. We’d love to sail with you again.
— Paula & Steve // '15 BVI-Grenada-BVI // SERENITY
I had a great time and look forward to doing it again in the near future.  So far now, it will be lake sailing and some coastal hops until my BVI trip at the end of May.
— Gil M. // '15 BVI-Grenada-BVI // SERENITY
Word’s can’t express what I think. If you are going or are currently on a blue water cruise and haven’t been to an event to learn from Andy’s vast experience, be impressed by his humble perspective, and enjoy his genuine friendly’re missing out.
— Eddie Lucero // Seminar Participant
Andy is a great seminar organizer. Great logistics, great questions that keep the speakers on topic, and great logistics.
— Pedro Espina // Seminar Participant