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It’s not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.
— Epicurus

There are way more people than are listed on this page who we owe our success to. But we wanted to make sure that those who have a regular role with us, whether supportive or direct (as crew, refit help, etc.) get properly recognized as being part of the team. 

Thanks to everyone not featured here as well - all of you who helped at the refit party, everybody who emails in their support of the podcastsailing friends in far-flung corners of the globe, our industry supporters especially all of our crew who come sail with us and make this all possible!

Are you in college and want to apprentice with us? Drop Andy an email!

GAIL SCHELL (1950-2012)


Andy's mom Gail is the spiritual leader of the family and indeed all that Andy has pursued as an adult. Her mantra when Andy was a kid was 'do what you love & the money will follow.' Gail & Dennis taught Andy all he knew about sailing - they spent the winter of 1993/94 cruising the Bahamas on Sojourner, the family's 36' Allied Princess ketch.

Sadly Gail died in 2012 after a long bout with brain cancer. Her universal energy lives on in how Andy lives his life and inspires him to pursue his passions.



Andy's grandfather is the entrepreneurial influence in Andy's business life. He's also a big kid - he turns 90 in 2019, but acts like he's 20! 

In 1952, Paul started 'Schell's', and almost 65 years later it's still going strong! He also used to be a successful horse trainer and driver and proves that with hard work & good will, anything is possible.

Sadly, Paul's wife Jessie ('Mommom') died in the fall of 2013. Mommom was also a huge supporter of following your dreams.

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