Crew Forms.

If you've signed on for an offshore passage with us, please complete the forms below. This information will remain strictly confidential and will be destroyed at the completion of your passage. It is however imperative that we have all of this on file for customs clearance and in the unlikely case of an emergency. Click the buttons below for the relevant packing lists. A printable PDF will pop up in a new browser tab. Thanks!

Passport Details.

Note that your passport must be valid at least six months AFTER your passage is scheduled to be over. Most foreign countries require this and will not let you enter otherwise. So please make sure you passport is valid and within these dates. You also must bring a copy of your passport to the boat, or email a photo to We recommend using the smartphone app 'TurboScan' to do this. 

Name *
Exactly as it appears on your passport.
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Exactly as on your passport.
Date of Issue *
Date of Issue
Expiration Date *
Expiration Date
Passport MUST be valid for six months AFTER the completion your passage.
I.E. US Dept. of State

Medical Questionnaire.

On any offshore passage, it's of utmost importance that the skipper know exactly what each crew members medical issues are, however minor. Understandably, some people can get uncomfortable sharing some of this private information. Unfortunately, for those of you sailing with us, you just gotta do it. 

Of course, your medical information remains confidential and will not, under any circumstances, be shared with the crew. We keep this on file onboard the boat in the portable medical kit, and once the passage is complete, you'll receive it back or we'll destroy it. In the case of a real emergency, it can quite literally save your life.

For those of you just curious about what kinds of questions to ask if you're sailing your own boat, feel free to have a look at the form below, and copy it word for word if you like! For those of you sailing with us, please complete the form and submit before the deadline you were emailed.

Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Gender *
Offshore sailing is more physically intense than most people realize. We'd like to get a feel for your fitness level before the trip starts.
List medications & what they are used for.
Physician's Name *
Physician's Name
Physician's Address
Physician's Address
Add country code

Nervous now after that? Don't be! It's standard operating procedure on any well-run oceangoing boat, especially with crew who don't know each other as close friends or family. Plus, the people who prepare the best, often have the least amount of sea stories (and I mean that in a good way!). Thanks for taking the time to complete this medical form.

Food Preferences & Allergies

Please complete the form below to give us some help on provisioning. We can't promise the world to everyone, and we're not running a restaurant! But, both Mia and I eat very healthy and are very conscious of what we do and don't eat, so we're happy to respect the preferences of our crew as well. In general, you can be assured of a varied and healthy menu on Isbjorn! Thanks for helping us!

Name *
Please list any foods you simply cannot eat because of allergies, choice or restrictions. If you have any serious allergies (like nuts), please be specific, and we'll keep them off the boat entirely.
Vegetarian? *
Is whole milk ok if that's the only choice? *
Please list your favorite snacks, what you think you'd crave on night watch or in the cockpit. Pick 3.
Preferred Hot Drink *
Do you drink alcohol? *
To be clear, there is no alcohol while we're at sea. But we do have beer, wine & cocktails on the boat in port!
If we have a toast, would you prefer non-alcholic bubbles? *
Please give us any more info you'd like to provide to help us provision for the passage. Thanks!