You go, boy, you go, no matter what they say, you go. Understand?
— Sailmaker, to a young Sterling Hayden

If you've made it to our site, you probably don't need an answer to the 'why?' question. It's a question without a real answer anyway. We go offshore because the ocean is there, we do it for the personal challenge and to fulfill a need for discovery. But in case you want some more inspiration, here's my longer, philosophical pitch, with a few of my favorite quotes sprinkled in to inspire you...

But give me this glorious ocean life, this salt-sea life, this briny, foamy life, when the sea neighs and snorts and you breathe the very breathe that the great whales respire. Let me roll around the globe, let me rock upon the sea, let me race and pant out my life with an eternal breeze astern and an endless sea before me.
— Richard Dana, 'Two Years Before the Mast'

Some people simply 'get it,' and no explanation of why you should venture offshore is needed. 'Won't I get bored?' some people ask. Those who 'get it,' know that answer is 'no.' There is no such thing as boredom on a long ocean voyage. The minutes and hours may drift by slowly, but the days go by in a flash.

There’s no satisfaction at all in staying at home...You’re doing a hard thing. But you’ll have something to be proud of when you’ve done it. Otherwise, if you just do the easy things, what’s to be proud of? Go for the tough things. That’s how you get satisfaction in life. And what fun it is, to go out in life and to take something on.
— Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Midnight. Thoughts and stars. Stars and thoughts. The heavens ablaze with a billion distant worlds. The mind ablaze, too, in its own fashion. Something’s wrong - with this whirl of emotion and struggle. What in the hell for? The point - what is it? Why take life so seriously, for Jesus Christ’s sake? Why not, instead, do as the majority do? Barge along down the road of least resistance, asking no questions, dreaming no dreams save those you hold within grasp?

Six feet ahead of me the helmsman stands, transfixed by a compass rose. I hunch down into the sheepskin coat, my cloth-visored cap pulled low; its flaps encase my ears to their lobes. Stars glow everywhere - icecold sparks held by infinity.

Midnight. Tomorrow becomes today...
— Sterling Hayden

We go to sea to learn about ocean sailing, but we come back having learned more about ourselves than any technical aspect of sailing a boat. The sailing part is easy. But do we have it in us to withstand the wind, seas and spray at the helm on a dark, cold night offshore? Do we have it in us to withstand the feeling of exposure one gets at sea, of being so small and vulnerable, the boat wrapped around you like a tortoise shell. Do you ask yourself these questions of yourself? Can we withstand the brutal seasickness that befalls everyone who goes to sea, sooner or later?

Voyaging belongs to seaman, and to the wanderers of the world who cannot, or will not, fit in...”
— Sterling Hayden

So, it's hard to put your finger on it, right? But if you've got the opportunity, whether with us aboard Isbjorn or with someone else, GO! You won't regret it, and it might even change your life...