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59 North Sailing Hoodie

Brand new for 2018 & just in time for winter! Get the new 59 North HOODIE with the updated logo with both boats! Swan 59 ICE BEAR & Swan 48 ISBJORN!


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T-Shirts & Coffee

Our coffee is small-batch roasted at former Isbjorn crewmember Sean's own Fat Puppy Coffee in rural Pennsylvania & shipped out fresh, within a week of roasting. All coffee orders go directly to Sean, and he ships straight from his boutique roastery. We get a few bucks from each sale, which mainly goes to support the podcast.

Similarly, our t-shirt orders go through a UK-based company called TeeMill. We chose to work with them because they use all-organic cotton raw materials and the shirts are made in a factory powered entirely by wind power. Outsourcing also helps us since we're constantly on the move and have nowhere to keep stock! We get a cut of the proceeds. Want to pitch us a cool t-shirt design? We love new ideas, so send them our way!

'Oh-Dark-Thirty' Coffee

Small-batch roasted in rural PA // by Fat Puppy Coffee


59 North, Ltd. & #IsbjornSailing // 100% Organic otton

Crew T-Shirts

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With the publishing in September 2017 of Yves Gelinas' Jean-du-Sud & the Magick Byrd,' 59 North, Ltd. has officially entered the printed book game! Andy & Mia are book nerds, and being on the production-side has been a blast & a great learning experience. Yves' book is the first of what we hope to be many similar projects. Have an idea you want published? Contact us to talk about it!

Workshops & Seminars

Want to have us host your next workshop? Get in touch to discuss ideas related to offshore sailing and we'll make it happen!

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Isbjorn Watch

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