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WORKSHOP - 2018 Celestial Navigation, Annapolis MD - POSTPONED

Fall 2018 seminar POSTPONED!

We've had some family stuff come up in October, so this celestial workshop is postponed until further notice (most likely spring 2019...)

Register at the bottom of the page - exact location TBD, but it'll be locally in Annapolis.

Join Andy, Mia & friends in Annapolis in October for another weekend of sailing history and celestial navigation. While there is hardly an argument anymore for celestial as a backup to electronic navigation, it's part of sailing history, and as ocean sailors, we owe it to ourselves to at least have a general understanding of it, I say! Plus, it makes those long night watches that much more enjoyable when you know your place - physically and philosophically - in the universe.

Note that the course officially starts Saturday, but there is an optional happy hour Friday night to chat before the class starts.

Workshop Details

This will be a hands-on workshop, where you'll learn the concepts of celestial and do some actual sextant sights on the docks. Plus, you'll get to hang out with some like-minded people in a cool & inspiring environment! 

Cost is $500, the Workshop is limited to the first 8 people who sign up. 

2017.10 Celestioan workshop selection2.JPG


  • Happy Hour at one of the bars in Annapolis, location TBC (optional)


  • In-depth discussion of celestial concepts & a series of 'thought exercises' to get you in the right frame of mind and learn your position spatially on the surface of the Earth.
  • Hands-on work with the sextant and practice taking sights.
  • Diving into the books and how to 'reduce' a sight.


  • Practice sight reduction problems based on real-world passages Andy & crew have completed.
  • The running fix concept.
  • Introduction to star sights

Celestial Navigation Passage on 'Isbjorn', BVI-Bermuda May 2018

What the workshop includes:

  • Copy of Hewitt Schlereth's Celestial in a Nutshell
  • Universal Plotting Sheet booklet
  • Notebook & pencil
  • Weems & Plath Star Finder
  • Use of a pre-owned sextant for practice during the weekend, with the option to buy one at the end of the Workshop (courtesy of Bacon Sails in Annapolis)
  • Coffee throughout the day

Click here to read some of Andy's articles on celestial that he's written over the years.

Weekend Schedule:

Friday, Oct. 12, 1900: Join Andy, Mia & friends at Weems & Plath for an Open House, including live music, free drinks, tours of the workshop & food for purchase. Open to all.

Saturday, Oct. 13, 0900-1700: Workshop begins at the National Sailing Hall of Fame building in downtown Annapolis. 69 Prince George St. Coffee and tea (included) during the morning session, with a break from 1200-1300 for lunch.

Saturday, Oct. 13, 1900: Meetup downtown, location TBC, for an optional group dinner at your own cost. (RSVP required).

Sunday, Oct. 14, 0900-1530: Workshop Day 2. Coffee & tea in the morning, with a 1200-1300 lunch break. Stay later for Q&A and storytelling if you so choose, but we'll formally end at 1530 for those who need to travel home.