Isbjorn's racing skipper and Andy & Mia's partner in offshore sailing, Paul Exner, is relocating his Modern Geographic from the BVI to Hawaii! After surviving Hurricane Irma on-island and living through the aftermath, Paul has made the difficult decision to move his family to the Big Island in the Pacific - and YOU can help him sail Solstice, his Cape George 31 cutter, all the way there! Click here to read more.

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About Paul Exner

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Paul is of course Isbjorn's racing skipper, and a close friend of Andy, Mia & 59º North, Ltd. Paul Exner has devoted his life to mastering the Technical Art of Ocean Sailing, and imparts his knowledge to burgeoning sailors and explorers during his Modern Geographic Sailing Expedition. Paul is a sailing coach and mentor to adventure seekers first and foremost, and a guru of hands-on experiential learning methods. Paul instills high-level performance in those who sail with him, and does so in a respectful and intellectual manner that inspires real confidence and skill-retention in adult sailors.

With four decades of experience in a massive variety of sailing disciplines, Paul has developed his talent for coaching and leadership by also calling upon his other successful pursuits, such as: making maps for world renown geographic and environmental agencies like: the National Geographic Society, and The Nature Conservancy; as a computer modeler of contaminated groundwater sites for Department of Defense contractors; and, experience with marketing the Nicolet line of spectroscopy instrumentation to prominent corporate laboratories like Pfizer, Frito Lay, Caterpillar, etc.

Paul's philosophy for ocean sail-training is rooted in belief that a series of short (1 to 3-day) legs offers incredible opportunity for sailors to gain mastery of the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, mostly because the general tasks of making land-fall and departing-for-sea are best assimilated by doing them repeatedly in different locales and under varying oceanographic conditions so the full gambit of seamanship topics can be experienced and navigated first-hand.

Every sail-training expedition that Paul leads utilizes the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing"). Using this curriculum, Paul guides each sailor along their path to master the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, reinforced frequently by technical discussions with team members to ensure that the experiences and information learned during the expedition are retained..

Please contact Paul with any information you'd like to share about your sailing goals, or questions you have about the expeditions he leads, or how the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum could benefit you.

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