Simon Borjeson // ISBJORN Relief Skipper

Simon first met Andy at the ARC Europe rally in Portsmouth, VA. He was skippering his dad's XC42 Euphoria back to Europe via Bermuda & the Azores, and he and Andy became fast friends.

Simon grew up spending his summers on his parent's “summer cottage," a classic Vindö 50, and got his first boat when he was only 7. He has been working on boats of all sizes for the past 12 years, including passenger ferries in Stockholm, RIBs, offshore construction vessels in the North Sea and most recently as Project Manager at HOC Yachts in Stockholm & Visby. He's currently a manufacturing engineer at Candela Speed Boats.

Throughout the years and in between jobs, Simon has been cruising and living on various yachts in the Baltic, the North Sea, parts of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and has crossed the Atlantic on various yachts.