Travel Logistics

Getting To & From Isbjorn

Traveling to and from the boat can be challenging - we're often in remote places that sometimes require trains, planes, buses & boats just to reach! Specifics on where to find Isbjorn when you join us will be sent out in a newsletter once you register to sail with us, but here are some helpful tips in general when making your plans.

Arrival Info:

  • The date the trip starts (Day 0) on the Passage Calendar is the first day crew can arrive to the boat.

  • Plan to arrive AT LEAST before noon on the day the trip starts. Day 0 of all our trips is orientation & safety briefing day, which takes time. Because of weather considerations, we may in fact depart for the offshore voyage on that very first day, so please refrain from drinking too much the night before!

  • If you can't make travel plans that get you there before noon on Day 0 (start date), plan to arrive the day before and book accommodation ashore (we'll recommend places when possible in the newsletters).

  • We recommend flying in a day or two BEFORE this date to explore the local area. Book a hotel or an Air BnB!

  • We encourage you to coordinate your travel plans with other crew - to that end, we'll help you get connected with each other via phone and email once registered. It's a great way to get to know your fellow sailors and share costs of taxis, hotels, etc.

Departure Info:

  • Crew must leave the boat on the last date listed on each trip on the Passage Calendar.

  • On landfall, crew are expected to clean and tidy up their bunks and personal areas.

  • The captain and mate is responsible for cleaning the boat itself – help from crew is always welcome, but not required. We encourage you to leave the boat and explore ashore!

  • All of our trips incorporate a few extra days to allow for weather and other unforeseen delays. This sometimes means that if we leave right on time, we may arrive into our destination port a few days early.

  • We recommend NOT booking tickets out until we know when our departure date will actually be. Unless you know for sure you'll explore our destination if we're early, this can be a good idea.

  • That said, if you do need to book flights out in advance, we recommend booking them out on the day AFTER the last day listed on the trip page. This allows time for customs clearance, dockage, etc.

  • Finally, it's ocean sailing - ANYTHING can happen, so be flexible!