What's Included in the Crew Fee?

The crew fee for the passage includes everything you need on the boat, plus the following:

  • Helly Hansen 'Inflatable Racing' PFD with integrated harness to use while aboard.

  • Kong Double-tether for moving around on deck to use while aboard.

  • Isbjörn Sailing crew t-shirt, hat or visor (your choice at signup).

  • All meals, snacks and drinks while on the boat, including beer, wine and rum while in port.

  • Sheets, quick-dry towel & a pillow. We are also providing sleeping bags for all crew on the Arctic Passages and other passages in 2018.

  • Large collection of books onboard, including novels, sailing classics and sailing reference books, in hard copy.

  • Online tracking for friends and family at home from YB Tracking.

Optional Extras:

  • Extra t-shirts for sale ($20.00)

  • Custom embroidered Helly Hansen crew polo shirts with your name and/or the passage route embroidered on them ($60.00). Available in red, white, navy or black.

What the price DOESN'T include:

  • Transportation to and from the boat.

  • Personal toiletries & clothing.

  • Foul-weather gear (see packing list for details).