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11. Stockholm-Orust // Isbjorn Delivery // 700 Miles // 1 Available

$4,000.00 // 10-14 Days

Isbjorn's final passage of the year to return her to the island of Orust and put the boat to bed for the winter.

We'll start the trip on the island of Sandhamn, in the outer Stockholm archipelago and a short ferry ride from the city center. Sandhamn is the summer base for KSSS, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, and home of the famous 'Gotland Runt' race. It's a popular and beautiful sailing destination on the edge of the Baltic and our starting point for the final voyage of the 2017 season.

Crew Sailing Fast.jpg

This trip is slightly different than our standard offshore passages. It's a delivery trip in September, a notoriously fickle month for weather in the Baltic. The main mission here is to get the boat to the island of Orust to the Vindo Marin boatyard where we'll haul her out, de-rig her, and put her in her winter storage shed where she'll get an extensive refit prior to our Arctic passages in 2018.

The weather will ultimately dictate how large our offshore jumps can be, and how far we'll get in the 10-14 days allotted. Since we'll be traversing the Swedish coast, if you 'run out of time', it's a simple train ride back to any of the major airports in Sweden to get home. We fully expect to make it all the way to Orust with time to spare, but that's the contingency.

We also hope to stop in for a visit to the Hallberg-Rassy boatyard on the same island, and only a few miles away from our final port of call in Henån. We've gotten to know CEO Magnus Rassy over the years and are working on putting together a tour of their remarkable facilities where the venerable cruising boats are built and outfitted.

Once arrived at Vindo, crew are welcome to stay and help put the boat away for the winter, though you'll need to find accommodation ashore once we haul out. There are lots of AirBNB places available nearby, and the local inns will be pretty empty that time of year, so finding a place to crash will be both easy and inexpensive. 

This will be a cold weather trip if the sun is not shining, so pack & plan accordingly!

Late-night sunsets in the west coast archipelago on the island of Orust.

Late-night sunsets in the west coast archipelago on the island of Orust.

Passage Route

Note the map shows this as Passage #9 - it's actually #11! AND, it'll end in Orust, not Marstrand, which is slightly farther get the picture!

Travel Logistics

  • Travel in to Arlanda Airport (Stockholm/ARN).
  • Travel out of Gothenburg, Oslo or Copenhagen, OR take the train (3-4 hours) back to Stockholm where you started from.
  • Public transportation is simple, efficient and cheap in Sweden, so it's very easy to get around.
  • We recommend flying via Iceland for the cheapest flights from the US - WOW Air, Iceland Air and Norwegian are all good, reliable airlines that usually offer cheaper fares.
  • SAS is the main Scandinavian carrier which offers more amenities and direct flights, at usually a higher cost.
  • You'll join the boat on the island of Sandhamn, a short (~1 hour), inexpensive ferry ride from downtown Stockholm. The island is located in the outer archipelago and is gorgeous!

What to Expect Onboard


Other Important Passage Info