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Caribe 1 // ICEBEAR: Tortola-Bequia-Guadaloupe // 500 Miles & 10 Days // $4,500 // 6 4 AVAILABLE


Join ICEBEAR for some fast offshore sailing down to Bequia, then enjoy a brief pause to explore the Grenadines before we island-hop our way north to Guadaloupe. This trip will combine offshore and island-hopping and give you a great taste of Caribbean sailing that’ll stop in two of our absolute favorite places - Bequie and Ile de Saintes in Guadaloupe! Easy travel into the BVI and then out of the French island Guadaloupe.

Skipper & Mate



Join ICEBEAR in Tortola in the British Virgin islands. We’ll spend half a day getting to know the boat and then will quickly set sail south towards Bequia. Once cleared through customs, we’ll take a day or two to explore this beautiful island that makes up the northern end of the Grenadines and is part of St. Vincent. Bequia has a wonderful natural harbor, great hiking and snorkeling and some really interesting boatbuilding history.

From Bequia we’ll cruise north, doing a combination of daysails and overnight hops. We’ll have the choice of stopping off in several places along the way, including St. Vincent itself, St. Lucia, Martinique, Ile de Saintes and finally Guadaloupe. The exact itinerary will be decided in the moment, so it’ll be a true island-hopping adventure!

Crew leave the boat on the final day from Guadaloupe’s main city of Pointe-a-Pitre, where there are excellent flight connects to the USA and Europe.

Photos from 2017 (Grenada-BVI)

Photos from the Grenadines, 2017