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7 // ICEBEAR: TRANS-ATLANTIC: St. John's-Crookhaven, Ireland // 1,900 Miles & 19 Days // $7,500 // WAITLIST



This will be the first time we take IceBear across the Atlantic (Mia's 7th, and Andy's 6th!). We'll be retracing the route from our first-ever voyage in Arcturus in 2011, from Canada to the south coast of Ireland, where Crookhaven, a small village near the famous Fastnet Lighthouse, will welcome us back to the realities of life ashore in a pleasant and calming way!



Crew will join us aboard IceBear in St. John's, where we'll be berthed right downtown and alongside the big Grand Banks fishing fleet. St. John's is a charming waterfront city with lots to see and do, so it's worth spending a day or two here before you join the boat to explore. We'll do our standard safety briefing and rig the boat for heavy weather, which we can certainly expect in these parts at some point in the 2,000 mile passage to Ireland. We'll also spend extra time briefing the radar operation, as it's not unheard of to see the occasional iceberg on the Grand Banks.

Once offshore we can expect a 12-15 day passage. We took 23 days on Arcturus in 2011 from St. Pierre, but then she was a much smaller boat and we never motored through the calms!

The landfall in Crookhaven is a special one - the town is more like a village, and the two pubs ashore are the center of community life - we spent 12 hours in the pub in 2011 after the Arcturus crossing, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same table! 

We HIGHLY recommend spending some extra time once you leave IceBear, as this part of Ireland is stunning. Easiest international flights will be from Dublin, which you can get to by bus fairly easily.

Photos from Arcturus' Trans-At in 2011

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