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6 // ICEBEAR: Lunenburg-St. Pierre-St. John's Newfoundland // 600 Miles & 8 Days // $3,400 // WAITLIST


This passage is now fully crewed. To get on the waitlist, complete a registration form and we’ll contact you.

Join IceBear in Lunenburg where we'll begin the journey of retracing our trans-Atlantic voyage on Arcturus from 2011. We'll sail first to St. Pierre, the last vestige of France's outpost in North America. After filling up on wine and cheese there, we'll continue north and east around Cape Race, ending the passage in St. John's, Newfoundland. Along the way we'll lookout for whales, seals & puffins galore!

We sailed to St. John's in 2016 - as expected, we encountered lots of fog, both calms and storms, and everything in between. Once around Cape Race, which we cleared in a flat-alm, foggy thunderstorm, the fog lifted, the wind built and we had a glorious 60-mile reach up the coast, with literally DOZENS of humpback whales diving around the boat. 

St. John's is a charming fishing port and the only real city in Newfoundland, and treated us very well on arrival. There's lots to see and do, and the natural harbor cut into the seaside cliffs is a place to behold.



Crew will join the boat in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where IceBear will be on anchor in the picturesque harbor. We'll pick you up in the dinghy and bring you out to the boat.

After an afternoon of orientation and weather briefing, we'll leave as soon as possible and set a course for St. Pierre, where we'll clear customs (it's a French island, so you'll be in France!) and have a day or two to explore the charming town and the rugged scenery in the hills beyond (there is wonderful hiking here on marked trails). 

We'll depart St. Pierre and continue nonstop to St. John's, where crew will depart IceBear. The airport is close by and travel logistics are simple.

Photos from 2016 Lunenburg-St. John's

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