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8 // ICEBEAR: Ireland - Portugal // 900nm & 10 Days // $4,250 // WAITLIST

$4,250 // 10 Days

IceBear's last passage of 2020. We'll depart Ireland and sail south through the Irish Sea and past the famous Fastnet Rock. If we have to, we'll duck into Glandore (Donald Street's home town), or Crookhaven to wait for a good weather window to cross Biscay and make landfall in Portugal, where IceBear will stage for her return across the Atlantic. Departure port in Ireland is subject to change, but most likely will be Kinsale.

Tentative Itinerary

After getting to know the boat, we'll depart the the Irish Sea, so we'll have some time sailing coastwise before the big jump across Biscay. The tides and currents in the Irish Sea are serious - you've got to time them perfectly or you literally won't get anywhere! On a fair tide on Arcturus, for example, we could cruise along at 10 knots!

We'll meander kind of south and west, towards Fastnet Rock and along the same shoreline that we cruised on Arcturus back in 2011, passing Kinsale, Glandore & Crookhaven again. Any of those ports will be an option if we need to duck in somewhere to wait for a weather window. If the weather holds, we'll sail direct for Portugal, across the infamous Bay of Biscay.

Once in Portugal, there are easy & cheap flights back to Europe from Lisbon, and indeed back across the Atlantic. We'll be leaving IceBear in Portugal for a few months while we go back to Sweden for the Christmas holiday's, so any of the crew who want to stick around and help haul the boat out, you'd be most welcome!

The Route

What to Expect Onboard


Other Important Passage Info