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5 // ICEBEAR: Bermuda-Lunenburg Offshore // 750 Miles & 10 Days // $4,250 // 1 Available


It's deep Atlantic all the way from Bermuda to Nova Scotia. Join Icebear in beautiful St. Georges, Bermuda, one of the famous landfalls in the Atlantic for boats coming and going to the Caribbean & Europe. We'll spend a day or two rigging IceBear for heavy weather, then set out due north for a 750-mile passage to Canada.

This passage will effectively be the start of our trans-Atlantic to Ireland. From Lunenburg, after a short break, we'll continue north and east to Newfoundland, where we'll stage the boat and retrace our route from 2011 on Arcturus, our first crossing.

But we've got to get to Lunenburg first!



Crew will join us in beautiful St. Georges, the small community on the far eastern side of the island adjacent to Town Cut, the narrow passage that we'll sail through to get offshore. After a day getting the boat & crew ready, we'll head out around the reefs to the north and point the bow for Nova Scotia. This will be a 750-mile, open ocean passage, in deep Atlantic the whole way, and with the remnants of the Gulf Stream to negotiate as we transition from the warm Atlantic waters to the cold waters fed by the Labrador Current along the coast.

Once in Lunenburg, there should be a day or two to explore ashore. IceBear will be anchored in the picturesque harbor and it's only a 2-minute dinghy ride into the public wharf. Halifax airport is about an hour away by taxi for the flight home.

Photos from 2016 Annapolis-Lunenburg

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