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4 // ICEBEAR: OCEAN RACE: Annapolis-Bermuda Race // 750 Miles & 11 Days // $4,500 // 2 Available


Note: Dates are official, June 5 RACE START. The official RACE START is on a Friday, with PRIZEGIVING in Bermuda the following Saturday. Trip dates for crew are set June 3 through June 14.

To be clear, this trip is on ICEBEAR, the Swan 59.

Race down the Chesapeake and across the Gulf Stream to Bermuda onboard our Swan 59 IceBear, one of the all-time classic ocean racing machines! We try to get in one big ocean race per year, and this will be our first point-to-point race after having completed the RORC 600 a few times. Racing offshore takes ocean sailing to another level, and the teamwork element of it makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!



The race itself is about 750 miles - 150 miles down the Bay, then 600 miles offshore to Bermuda, with a Gulf Stream crossing thrown in to challenge our weather forecasting & navigation skills. Crew will join ICEBEAR, the Swan 59, in Annapolis a couple days before the race start to get familiar with the boat and have two days of training together as a team. We'll sail out of Annapolis Harbor and into the Bay, practicing all points of sail, spinnaker work, etc.

Note that crew will be required to stay ashore before the race in Annapolis and after the race in Bermuda. We race with 10 (8 crew plus Andy & Mia), so there is simply not enough bunks onboard! Offshore, we'll 'hot bunk' - and anyway, 5 people will be on deck at all times anyway! All crew will have full access to all official race activities at the Eastport Yacht Club in Annapolis, and at our hosts in Bermuda.

Once the race starts, it'll be full-speed ahead as we sail the 'freight train' that is IceBear to the Onion Patch out in the Atlantic. We'll run a 4-on, 4-off watch schedule with 4-5 people on deck at all times, with rotating roles for the crew. Each watch will be split into 1-hour smaller shifts - helming, navigating & trimming sails. All crew will get a chance to participate in all aspects of the race.

In Bermuda, we'll unwind with the classic 'Dark N' Stormy' rum drink and relive the excitement offshore with the other crews we've raced against! The trip will officially 'end' after the prizegiving event in Bermuda, but we encourage you to stay and explore this beautiful island on your own!

Photos from 2016 RORC Carib 600 Race

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