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2. Caribbean-Annapolis Offshore // 1,500 Miles // 16 Days // 4 Available


Sail offshore on a proper long ocean passage from the Caribbean back to Annapolis. This 9-10 day, 1,500 mile passage will have it all - warm tradewind sailing as we leave the islands, negotiating the continental weather as we head north, a Gulf Stream crossing as we approach the coast and a final run up the Chesapeake Bay to Isbjorn's homeport. This will be a challenging passage both physically and mentally, with a high potential for heavy weather.



Join the boat in Nanny Cay, Tortola, our home in the BVI and a place Isbjorn is very familiar with. Nanny Cay became the base of operations for the rebuilding effort following Hurricane Irma in 2017, and has been the quickest to get back on it's feet after the storm and help the local community that surrounds it. We'll have a safety & orientation briefing here when everyone arrives, and spend extra attention rigging the boat for the potential heavy weather we'll expect on the way north.

We've left a bit more time in the itinerary on this one to allow for weather delays or even a stop off in Bermuda if the weather looks bad for the Gulf Stream crossing. The passage itself is only 8-10 days, but crew will be with the boat for up to 16, if we're delayed. You'll also need to be flexible on arriving into Annapolis should we have to divert to Bermuda for weather reasons. Alternatively, you could of course fly home from Bermuda without any problems.

In short, this is a proper offshore passage, so get your seas legs on Isbjorn and spend over a week on the ocean!

Photos from 2016 (Passage South)

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