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4. Leeward Islands & Dominica Adventure // 800 Miles // 10 Days // Waitlist


This passage is now fully crewed - if you'd like to get on the waitlist, please signup and we'll add you!


We've move this trip up a few weeks so that all crew can be home in time for Easter. You'll be ten days on the boat, with one travel day on either end.

Join Mia & Andy and visit some of their favorite Caribbean islands that they got to know so well during their Broadreach days. This trip will be a combination of offshore passagemaking & exploration ashore, including several strenuous hikes on our favorite island of all, the rugged and rustic Dominica. There, we'll hire a local guide and attempt the 6-hour round-trip Boiling Lake Hike. But don't fret, a stop in posh St. Barth's on the way south will give you a chance to rub elbows with the rich & famous and eat a cheeseburger at Le Select, where Jimmy Buffet wrote the song! Read on for details...


Join the boat in Trellis Bay, British Virgin Islands, where we'll be anchored literally right next to Beef Island Airport, making arrival smooth and easy. Have a brewski at our friend Brian's Island Last Resort, or pop in to the beach to meet Paul Exner's wife who makes pottery for a living at the waterfront art studio! Paul keeps his boat Solstice in Trellis Bay too, so we'll surely bump into him there.

View from the top of Ile Fourche looking towards St. Barth's.

Once the crew arrives, we'll depart the BVI in the evening for a 100-mile overnight passage to Ile Fourche, an uninhabited island just to the north of St. Barth's that's now a protected marine park. After an afternoon snorkeling along the beautiful rocky shoreline, we'll have dinner aboard and get to bed early in preparation for our dawn-patrol hike to the top of the island the next day. We'll wake by 5am and land the dinghy on the beach in time to make the peak for the sunrise atop Ile Fourche. It's one of our favorite islands in the Caribbean, and the sunrise hike there is always a highlight.

After some more snorkeling and lunch aboard Isbjorn, we'll make sail for the short hop down to Gustavia, the capital of St. Barth's and THE spot for mega yachts and celebrity sightings. The Le Voiles de St. Barth's regatta will be happening around this time, with over 70 big-time yachts expected to participate including some of the top pros and biggest boats in the sport. We'll spend an evening ashore and a day to chill-off the hangover, thereafter departing on the 175-mile upwind sail to Dominica.

The goal of this passage, Dominica, is our all-time favorite island in the Caribbean, offering the most unique and local culture, the Caribbean's best market and the biggest adventure to be had ashore. It's mountain peaks rise to over 5,000 feet, and the island boasts 365 rivers, "one for every day of the year." We'll visit both Plymouth, at the islands north end, and Roseau, it's capital further south, arranging excursions ashore with some of our local guide friends we've met over the years. In Roseau we'll attempt the 6-hour return Boiling Lake Hike, a must-do for the adventurous among you! The hike terminates at the world's second largest boiling lake - literally boiling - a geologic feature of the volcanic island. It's not for the faint of heart, with lots of technical trails, river crossings, rainy jungle and muddy slopes. But boy is it worth it!

We'll end the trip with a two-day overnight passage back to the BVI where it all started!

April 2-13, BVI-Dominica-BVI, 800 MIles

2: Crew Arrive BVI

3: Sail BVI-Ile Fourche

4: Arrive Ile Fourche

5: Dawn Hike Ile Fourche AM / Sail St Barts PM

6: Depart St. Barts-Dominica AM

7: Arrive Dominica PM

8: Dominica Ashore

9: Dominica Ashore

10: Depart Dominica

11: Offshore

12: Arrive BVI

13: Crew Departs from BVI to travel home.

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