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7. Sao Miguel, Azores-Oban, Scotland // 1,500 Miles // 17 Days // Waitlist

$5,600 // 14 Days

We are now fully crewed for this passage. If you'd like to get on the waitlist, please register here. 

Isbjorn will leave the ARC Europe fleet and make for Oban, in Scotland. We'll depart from Sao MIguel, the 'big' island in the Azores and the easiest place for crew to join the boat, as all connecting flights go through there.

This is a 1500 nautical mile passage, and arguably the most challenging of the crossing, with higher latitudes weather and cooler temperatures as we head north beyond 50º latitude.

Join the boat in Horta (easy flights from Lisbon, Portugal, and even direct from Boston to Sao Miguel) and experience the wonders of the Azores before we depart bound for the north. The trip is 14 days total, and we expect to be at sea for 10-11 days, so you'll have some time to unwind and explore Oban before departing from Scotland.

We recommend getting to the boat a few days early to explore the Azores. Cheap scooter rentals are available in Horta, and it's possible to basically 'circumnavigate' the island of Faial by Vespa in a single day, taking in the volcanic crater at the center of the island and the lighthouse on the west coast that was buried recently by an eruption. 

Once we depart the Azores, we'll point the bow northeast for Scotland. Since we're north of the trade wind belt, we'll have all sorts of weather for this trip, from light & variable winds to deep depressions blowing in from the west and bringing heavy seas along with them. The closer we get to Scotland, the colder it'll get too, so pack warm!

Once we make our landfall, you'll be rewarded in Scotland with incredible seafood, celtic music and of course the best whisky in the world! Oban, our port of entry, is a fantastic little hamlet nestled in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands with everything a boat coming off the high seas could ask for. Mia and I stopped here on the way across the North Sea on Arcturus in 2012 and discovered what a real, fresh scallop should really taste like!

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