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5. CELESTIAL PASSAGE: BVI-Bermuda // 900 Miles // 10 Days // Waitlist

$4,000 // 10 Days

This trip is now fully crewed. Register here to get on the waiting list.

Our 5th passage of 2017 will be completed by navigating entirely with the sextant! Crew members who join us will be offered free tuition to one of Andy's celestial nav. workshops to get ready for the passage, review on taking sights before departure, and full real-life experience navigating only by the sun and stars!

This will be a true celestial passage, meaning all GPS devices will be turned off and we'll make our passage and landfall entirely by the sextant. As a safety precaution, we'll maintain a GPS coordinates log in case of emergency, and consult the AIS should the need arise, but all actual navigating and position plotting will be done with the sextant, including our approach and landfall in Bermuda. Raising the stakes like this creates a sense of urgency you'd never get by simply 'practicing' celestial offshore.

This passage will also be part of the ARC Europe Rally, which Mia and I sailed with in 2012, and which we've worked for for nearly 7 years. Registration includes all the events surrounding the rally at the start in Tortola and during the stopover in Bermuda.

The sailing itself is usually excellent on this leg. It'll likely be a reach or close reach upon leaving Tortola as we sail north in the easterly trades. Our course is due north as we head the 900 miles towards Bermuda. As we get further north, the trades can either follow us, or sometimes die out. Occasionally, cold front will cross the track, bringing heavy weather with their passing followed by brisk northwesterly winds and clear skies.

Landfall is St. Georges is a classic one, with all that Bermuda has to offer.

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