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8. Oban-Shetland-Stavanger-Marstrand // 950 Miles // 17 Days // Waitlist

$5,600 // 17 Days

This passage is now fully-crewed. If you'd like to add yourself to the waitlist, please click the signup button above and register as normal (no cost). We'll then inform you as to your place on the waitlist.

Isbjorn is headed towards Sweden where we'll stage for the winter before going to the Arctic in 2018. Join us for a combination of offshore sailing and inshore cruising, as we explore the West Highlands of Scotland, sampling whisky and visiting magical places like the Isle of Skye and taking in the local culture. Enjoy some of the best Scotch in the world with some of the freshest shellfish.

From Scotland we'll sail north around the top, stopping in Shetland, a Viking outpost. While technically part of Scotland, they have closer roots to Norway there than England, thanks to the Vikings. It'll be challenging and cold sailing around the north of Scotland, with strong tidal currents, the likelihood of fog, oil rigs and of course a high probability of heavy weather at some point.

From Shetland, we'll sail east towards Norway, a quick passage across the North Sea following in the footsteps of the Vikings. If we have time, we'll explore Norway, after which we'll set off for the last leg around the tip of Denmark and make our landfall in Marstrand, the capital of sailing on Sweden's magical west coast (known locally as the 'best coast!'). Total ocean mileage will be about 950 nautical miles.

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