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6. Bermuda-Horta, Azores // 1,800 Miles // 18 Days // Waitlist

$6,000 // 18 Days

We are now sold out for this passage. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist, please complete the registration process as normal and we'll add you to the list! If we can't get you aboard, you'll be able to transfer your registration fee to another passage, or get a full refund.

Isbjorn will depart on her trans-Atlantic in late-May 2017. We'll sail from Bermuda and over the top of the Azores high to Horta, an absolutely magical landfall 900 miles off the coast of mainland Europe. The Azores, of course, belong to Portugal, and the local Portuguese culture there is mesmerizing - the locals are super-duper friendly, the mountainous, volcanic scenery is majestic and the food is natural, fresh and inexpensive.

The passage itself is 1,800 miles. In 2012, when Mia and I sailed the route aboard Kinship, we were at sea for 12 days, motoring only 12 hours or so the entire way. We went north of the fleet, following the classic sailing directions, and sailed across around 40º N latitude, around the top of the Azores High, where we had mostly following breezes.

We've made this trip 3 weeks (21 days), so you get a chance to experience both Bermuda and Horta on either end. The passage itself will be 12-15 days or so. Details to follow.

This passage will also be part of the ARC Europe Rally, which Mia and I sailed with in 2012, and which we've worked for for nearly 7 years. Registration includes all the events surrounding the rally.

If you want to do all legs of this trans-at, contact us for a discount.

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