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RECYCLED #162. Moxie Marlinspike is a legend in tech. As a programmer, he literally wrote the code that enables everyday encryption. He’s friendly with Edward Snowden and was recently feature in WIRED magazine. Moxie, though, is a sailor at heart. I worked together with him at Broadreach way back in 2008. We caught up to talk about his unique sailing philosophy, his movie ‘HOLD FAST’ & his rise in the tech world.

If you’ve followed the news even tangentially, you’ll have heard about encryption. Remember Edward Snowden? His revelations about the FBI’s mass collection of data from everyday Americans set off a wave of stories centered around personal privacy & national security. Today’s guest is at the center of that debate - Moxie Marlinspike, almost single-handedly invented everyday encryption, and his code was recently implemented in WhatsApp and Facebook’s new ‘secret’ Messenger service. If you’re interested in this sort of thing at all, I highly recommend watching the documentary about Snowden called Citizen Four, and reading the recent WIRED Magazine profile on Moxie, which you can easily find on Google, or I’ll link it in the show notes.

Topics Covered in the Podcast


People and Books mentioned in the Podcast

  • Alain Bombard, French biologist and physician that sailed across the Atlantic
  • Tania Aebi, youngest person to sail around the world 
  • DEEP, a book about free diving


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