BONUS: Matt Rutherford // Single-Handed


Hey guys, this one is personal to me - as you know, my mom died of brain cancer in 2012 at only 62 years old. Chris Stanmore-Major, who was on the podcast a few weeks back, is putting together a 'Sail 4 Cancer' campaign through his Spartan Ocean Racing & Training and needs our help raising money for it. Please follow the link and donate to help them out. Thanks.

BONUS. Matt Rutherford has been on the podcast more than anyone else in our 230+ episodes, and his stories are always epic. What follows is a presentation Matt did in Toronto in January at the boat show there about his Around the America’s voyage on the 27’ Albin Vega ‘St Brendan.’ Matt’s told this story before on the podcast, but he’s so damn good at it that I never tire of listening to it, and you can always learn something new from him. I’m also playing this as a bonus episode this week because Matt just launched his own podcast - aptly titled ‘Single-Handed’ - so I encourage you to check that out for more of his incredible adventures. And be sure to check out Matt’s updated website.


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Mia & I have made it a goal in 2018 to  refine our mission statement of ‘sharing the wisdom of the high seas with those wise enough to seek it out’, and we’re accomplishing that in a couple of ways.

First, join us on Isbjorn for an incredible offshore sailing experience on our Swan 48, an all-time ocean sailing machine. We’re sailing 10,000 miles per year and have some exciting plans coming up in the Arctic, Atlantic & beyond. We’re about to launch our 2020 calendar, so check back often on for updated routes, dates and bunk availability.

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