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232: Paul & Sheryl Shard // Distant Shores' New Boat

#232. Paul & Sheryl Shard of course have the popular TV series Distant Shores, and for 25 years have been sailing the world on their boats of the same name and documenting their travels. Mia & I met them again in Toronto in January where they were excitedly awaiting the launch of their latest boat, a new Southerly 48. We sat down with them between seminars to talk about the design process, how Southerly are now owned by Discovery Yachts in the UK, what they wanted in their new design, and about how they’re getting ready and planning for the next phase of their cruising life by sailing trans-Atlantic and getting ready for the Pacific!

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Left: Paul at launch of Distant Shores III. The Shards worked with the design team on this first Southerly built by Discovery Yachts. Right: Sunset rainbow at beginning of commissioning at Hythe Marina.

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25: Paul & Sheryl Shard

25: Paul & Sheryl Shard

Paul & Sheryl Shard are well known to many sailors for their Distant Shores TV series and DVD collection. They've been sailing for over 25 years on three boats now, and Andy sat down to Skype with them and talk about it! A very sailorly episode, this one was recorded in Bermuda (where Andy was), while the Shard's were aboard their Southerly 49 in Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas, actually anchored out! They talked about how they got into sailing, how they built their first boat from a bare hull, started cruising and documenting their trips on video (film back in the day), and how that has all evolved into a career! Buy their DVDs right on 59-north.com.