204: Randall Reeves // Figure 8 Voyage

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#204. Randall Reeves is about to embark on an ambitious passage he's dubbed the ‘Figure 8 Voyage,’ in October. With a 43’ aluminum and only his thoughts to accompany him, he's hoping to complete a circumnavigation of both the America’s & Antarctica, alone. Inspired by historic explorers and modern sailors like Matt Rutherford, Randall’s is a personal challenge. I spoke to him back in April, while we we’re still in St. Croix, about his sailing past, his preparation & his goals for the trip. Follow Randall & support the adventure at figure8voyage.com.

Follow Randall Reeves and his Figure 8 Voyage online:

Website: figure8voyage.com
Facebook: facebook.com/figure8voyage
Twitter: @randallreeves8

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