153: John Franta on Rigging Tech.

Hey! Andy here - I’m hosting a celestial workshop this fall and you all should come! It’s been a while, but it’s time again to dust off the old sextant and break out the sight reduction tables. Celestial navigation is a passion of mine that I love sharing with others, and quite frankly, I think I’m pretty damn good at explaining it! So come to Annapolis over the weekend of October 21-23 and join me and my friends for some old-school navigation. Just go to 59-north.com/celestial to see all the details and to register - class is limited to the first twelve people who sign up, so do it! See you in October.

Episode 153 is John Franta of Colligo Marine. John’s been on the podcast before of course, in episode 45, where we discuss his career and some of the technical aspects of Colligo ‘Dux,’ the synthetic, dyneema-based standing rigging that we put on Arcturus before crossing the Atlantic. John’s back this week to discuss some more technical aspects of his job at Colligo. 

We start the discussion by focusing on one of John’s most recent inventions, the so-called ‘ELHF’ furling system, and I use that as a sort of primer for discussing in general how he comes up with new ideas and what the design and production life cycle is like. John is as pure an engineer as there is, and LOVES the technical aspects of running a synthetic yacht rigging company, and it’s a joy to hear him talk about his passions so, well, passionately! He gets to play with CAD and 3D printers all day long, so what’s not to like (if you’re an engineer!).

John’s also been a dear friend of mine since we first met in 2009, and you can kind of see that in the way we talk throughout the episode, it’s definitely a lot less formal than some of my other interviews. I think you’ll dig it.

Crew arrives this afternoon for our next trip up to Lunenburg. By the time you hear this we’ll be offshore, bound for Nova Scotia - check out our passage logs and follow the trip on 59-north.com/tracking. 

We’ve also got a few spots left for the return passage, August 6-14 from Halifax to Annapolis. It’s not too late to join! Go to 59-north.com/offshore for details - I hope by the time we get to Lunenburg, one of you faithful listeners out there has decided to sign up an join us!

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Okay, enough about us. Enjoy episode 153 with John Franta!