121: Cameron Deyell

Cameron Deyell is a musician based in Brooklyn by way of Auckland, New Zealand. Note the new intro music this week, a song called 'Hey Rose' by his band 'Streets of Laredo.' The full song plays at th conclusion of the episode. Cameron's also a sailor and traveler, and much of his solo music is informed by his sailing experience and sailing dreams. Cameron invited Andy to his Brooklyn studio to record this interview, where they discuss his music career and his sailing background.

Cameron also wrote and performed the new ad music for the podcast. Look for a bonus episode this week with a look behind-the-scenes at how that came together.

Check out Cameron's band at 'Streets of Laredo' at streets-of-laredo.com. Cameron's solo project is at totarajack.com. 

And to find Franz Amussen and his podcasts and sailing tutorials, visit medsailor.com.