95: Forbes Horton

Despite the intro, this is not the first Thursday episode…but it is another business-oriented episode, kind of a hybrid actually. Andy sat down with Forbes Horton of his namesake Yacht Sales brokerage in his office in Annapolis. Forbes’ firm, thanks to Lloyd Cooper, put together the deal to buy Isbjorn, the Swan 48 we talked about previously. Andy has known Forbes for a while - they talk about how they met, how he got into sailing and his own adventures in a Tartan 34c, the brokerage business in general, and how the deal came together with Isbjorn! 
Need a good bluewater sailboat? Go to forbesyachts.com and get in touch with Forbes and Lloyd. They’re the best in the business.

Want to go on an ocean sailing expedition? Head on over to 59-north.com/sailingpassages to book a berth on the Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn.’ We’re heading to the Caribbean for 2016, Europe in the spring!