132: Jennifer & Ken Kaye

Episode 132 is Ken & Jen Kaye, the father-daughter duo who, alongside Jen’s mom Ellen Kaye, run the Schooner Woodwind out of Annapolis, MD. This is a very special episode for me, as crewing on the Woodwind was my first stint as a paid sailor, and I worked a whole lot alongside Jen and Ken, who usually were out on the water skippering the boats. If you’re a longtime listener to the show, you’ll have heard the stories of how i grew up sailing on my mom and dad’s boat on the Chesapeake. That’s all well and good, but I truly learned how to sail when I started working on the Woodwind. Jen and her dad are racing sailors at heart, and the Woodwind, while appearing pretty traditional on deck, has a modern, sleek underbody, fin keel, and huge, skeg-mounted rudder. She’s a hell of a boat to sail, and Jen & Ken sail her fast! 

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Learn more about the Woodwind and how to go sailing on her at schoonerwoodwind.com. For more info on the boats themselves, click here.