27: Ben & Teresa Carey

Ben & Teresa Carey Return! Andy spoke with Ben & Teresa from his couch in Lancaster PA. No, they were not on the couch - they were in Maine! In a sweet little cafe while their new boat was anchored offshore! And that’s much of what this episode is about - their new-to-them Norseman 447, how they decided on buying it, what it was like getting down to Panama (the country!) to bring her home, and the adventures they had along the way. Of course Andy, Ben & Teresa take a few detours along the way, talking about sailing philosophy, shipwrecks at sea, this that and the other thing, but that’s what old sailing friends do when they haven’t caught up in a while. Check out Ben & Teresa’s new adventures - and sign up for their sail-training courses this summer! - on morsealpha.com, or on their new oceancourier.org conservation-media site. Thanks guys!