82: Kamau Iandiataiyero

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Kamau Iandiataiyero is a learner. He discovered sailing in July 2013 on a Rainbow in Annapolis, and has taken to the sport incredibly quickly. So quickly, in fact, that he's building his own bluewater boat - one that he also designed - and hopes to set off by 2017.

Kamau is not your average sailor. He's not average anything - at 6'7", he found production boats literally don't fit him. But they don't fit his personality either, which you'll soon discover in this very cool episode with a very inspiring dude. We talked about Kamau's project, how he got into sailing, how he took the leap to desing his own boat and more.

Kamau is using Erik de Jong as his naval architect in fact, so there is definitely some crossover here. Kamau actually first reached out to me before the boat show in Annapolis this fall to have me pick apart his original design on the boat.

Check out Kamau's YouTube channel for some very insightful videos at youtube.com/user/kamauiandiataiyero.

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