76: LIVE: Down-Island Caribbean Cruising

We recorded this one live in Tortola at the end of the Caribbean 1500 rally. Andy gives an informal chat on his favorite places to visit down-island in the Caribbean. Basically St. Martin and south - the Eastern Caribbean's Leeward & Windward Islands. (By the way, that sound you hear in the background? It's the waves at the beach where we recorded this!)

If you want to follow along graphically, it's a good idea to listen to this one near a computer and just Google Earth the places I mention here to get an idea of what we're talking about geographically. Better yet, downlaod the Imray app, including the Imray-Iolaire charts for the Caribbean, and follow along (these are the same charts I reference in the talk, and my personal favorites).

I'll also have a page on the 59-north.com site devoted to this talk, with notes, charts and photos, so you can refer to that here.

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