181: Yves Gelinas RECYCLED

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RECYCLED: Yves Gelinas is a French-Canadian single-handed sailor and inventor of the Cape Horn wind vane, the simplest, most robust, and most elegant solution for self-steering on an offshore cruising boat. Yves invented and perfected the gear while circumnavigating nonstop via the Great Capes in his beloved Alberg 30 Jean du Sud in the 80s. During that voyage, he filmed Around the World with Jean du Sud, which quickly came to be considered the greatest sailing movie ever made. Yves still builds the Cape Horn units himself from his workshop in Quebec & still sails Jean du Sud, most recently voyaging to Martinique in 2015.

Quick note - this episode was first recorded for my Two Inspired Guys show way back in 2013. The other guy you’ll hear is my friend and co-host Ryan Briggs. At the time, Yves was in Quebec, I was in Sweden and Ryan was in Pittsburgh, so it was a truly international interview! I hope it still stands up!

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