180: Magnus Ormestad // Husky Podcast

Today’s episode is slightly different. Magnus Ormestad is the host of my favorite Swedish podcast, called ‘Husky,’ where he interviews folks into outdoor sports & adventure. Magnus & I met a few years ago over coffee in a bike shop in Stockholm and became quick friends. We recorded in Sweden in January - it was a back-and-forth talk between two people used to ‘hosting’, with him interviewing me a bit and vice versa. But this episode is really more about what ties together outdoor adventure pursuits - how people find the passion and motivation to pursue their dreams, in any environment. Be sure to check out Husky’s English-language episodes on iTunes.

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Photos from Magnus Ormestad

Hey team. Mia & I are back on Isbjorn. As I record, we’re on anchor in Falmouth, Antigua, getting the boat ready for the RORC Caribbean 600 Race. We’ll be in the thick of it by the time you hear this - follow us via the fleet tracking on the website at caribbean600.rorc.org.

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