176: SV Delos

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SV Delos' videos have become an internet sensation. After leaving Seattle in 2009, Brian, who later met Karin in new Zealand, and his brother Brady have been sailing the world and filming their adventures. Almost by accident they've become the most popular sailing videos on YouTube and it's become their primary source of income. Andy & Mia met Karin & Brian in Stockholm for the podcast.

Show notes:

  • Delos is in Durban, South Africa at the time we recorded the podcast.
  • Behan and her family on Sailing Totem. Totem left from Seattle a year before Delos but they first met in Mexico, and continued to meet up in differnet places during the years
  • Over the winter, Delos announced a 'Crew wanted video contest'. They were surprised how many videos they got and how hard it was to pick their winner and crew from them.
  • Brian moved onboard Delos in 2008 and left the Seattle area in 2009.
  • Karin's travel bug started when she and some girlfriends moved to London after high school.
  • Karin & Brian met in Aukland, New Zealand. At the time Brian & Brady was there working living on Delos while Karin was on a mini holiday during her University years in Melbourne, Australia. That was the first time Karin sailed.
  • The difficulty of long distance relationship in the beginning when Karin & Brian first met. Karin was still in school in Australia while Brian was out sailing on Delos with very limited communication. 
  • Visby, Gotland
  • Delos started by writing a blog for friends and family and wanted to share more of their adventure and bought their first videocamera to start filming and sharing on the blog.
  • How the interaction with local changes when you have a camera on your shoulder. "I don't know if its good or bad, it is just different". 
  • 'No filming days' at times. "If we already filmed the beach eight times, we don't really need to film it again" " But we always bring a camera, just in case" :)

A few videos fro SV Delos:

Episode #96 is the one we talk about in the podcast a bit, one Andy & Mia wached the night before they met up with Brian & Karin in Sthlm.

SV Delos now have more than 100 episodes! Episode #101 'WILD weather, WILD animals and AWESOME people! South Africa!' is the latest video at the time the podcast is being released!

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