123: Nuno Antunes

Episode #123 starts out with a short story about the refit on Isbjorn. Andy reflects on the past three weeks and what he, Mia and a whole host of friends, old and new accomplished on the boat. There’s still lots to do, but boy have we come a long way!

The guest this week is Nuno Antunes. Nuno’s from Portugal, but has lived in Sweden for over 20 years and has a fascinating personal story, including growing up in rural Portugal, becoming a Navy diver and being involed in the Balkans War.

All the while, Nuno had a dream to sail over the horizon. His relentless pursuit of that dream and his unconventional means of making it come true are precisely why I wanted to have him on the show. This episode is one for the dreamers out there, a real-life example of one family who made their dreams come true and a practical lesson in how to actually do it. 

You can follow Nuno and Jenny’s adventures on dreamalive.se, where he’ll be keeping an ongoing blog of their trip. Nuno is also the Swedish distributor for the Air Head composting marine toilet (why he was at the show), so if you’re in Sweden and you’re interested in one, visit his sit at airheadtoilet.se.