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Paul 'Pablo' Exner

Paul 'Pablo' Exner

59º North is teaming up with accomplished inshore and offshore racing sailor Paul Exner to deliver high-end ocean racing programs aboard Isbjorn. If you've already done some ocean cruising and want to take your skills and mental & physical endurance to a new level, ocean racing is the perfect next step.

Isbjorn, a 1972 S&S Swan 48, is a classic ocean racing sloop, built during the 'good old days' of amateur ocean racing. That's her in the B&W photo above, taken just after she was launched as Warbaby in 1972 during the Bermuda Race. You won't find much carbon fiber on Isbjorn, we won't be eating freeze-dried food and you won't have to cut the handle off of your toothbrush, but you'll get an authentic ocean racing experience that we think is the 'right' way to do it - in comfort & style.

We'll only be offering one racing program per year - like the RORC Caribbean 600Fastnet & Newport-Bermuda Race - and they'll fill fast. For six lucky crew members, you'll experience the challenge of a lifetime, pushing Isbjorn to the limit 24 hours per day for days on end and hundreds of ocean miles, in darkness and in daylight. It's a true challenge, offered under the expert supervision of Paul Exner & Andy Schell.

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