Mid-day swim and afternoon breeze

April 5 2016 14.20 (2.20 pm)
21 19' N / 073 19' W

We are on the way to Cuba - blog from at sea!

A happy crew on Isbjorn today despite the lack of wind the last 12 hours. As forecasted the wind was predicted to get light during the night and it did. Rob & I held off and kept sailing on our watch during sunset. It wasn't until 0200 on Dennis and Fred's watch that the boat actually came to a stop and we officially ran out of wind. The engine was turned on and sails taken down to prevent them from chafing.

Rob and I are watch partners and after our 0300-0600 watch this morning I went down for a quick nap and didn't wake up until 4 hours later! These mid morning naps are awesome, something I could never allow myself to have back home. I even slept past breakfast when Greg cooked up some scrambled eggs for the rest of the hungry gang. For lunch we usually eat some sandwiches and wraps, and there is plenty of snacks to keep the crew well fed and with happy bellies!

During the day we motored past the island of Great Inagua, one of the outer Bahamian islands. Despite sailing only a mile off the coast of the sandy island, the depth on the chart said 8000 feet! The water got so flat that it looked just like a mirror and we decided it was a perfect opportunity to go for a swim. We stopped the boat, got a line out the back with a fender to hold on to and we all dove in! The guys even attempted to do some synchronized swimming off the back of the boat; I actually have photo evidence that I'll share when we get to FL.

The wind just picked up about 30 min ago, and we're now sailing close-hauled in a SE direction - not ideal, but we are hoping for the wind shift to the N as it says in the forecast!