Sub-three-hour marathon (...or trying to get on the Grinder Board). Day 5.

Hilly beach out-and-back, St. Lucia
It is not a good idea to go running at 12:30 on the afternoon on a tropical island. Even worse an idea to attempt this one night after about 15 havana cocktails and half a pound of salt pork. I was slightly dehydrated, to say they least. Nonethelesss, I ran. I would do it again.

I listened to music this time round, which I do not often do when I run with Mia. We chat instead. The Arcade Fire came on first, then a song by the Australian band Evermore. It made me think about music in a way I have not before. The Arcade Fire - the song was 'Haiti' (I just put it on now, again) - gave me a cool feeling. Despite the incredible heat. Colors can be warm and cool (red and blue), but I never thought of music that way. Evermore was warm. The song ('For One Day') had a decidedly warmer feel to it, particularly following 'Haiti.'

Music (or sound, I suppose), like fragrances, for me is more closely related to memory than any other sense. The amount of pleasure I derive from any particular song has more to do with where I was when I first heard that song (or, rather, where I was when the song became recognizable to me, when I got used to it). Music is connected to mood.

I first heard Evermore when I lived in Brisbane, Australia (maybe that's why it feels 'warm' to me?). I got to know that album there ('Dreams'), and listened to it often. I listened to it in New Zealand as well, when I met Mia. I recall one particular time taking a nap in our hostel in Taupo and listening to it as I went to sleep.

Another album (also called 'Dreams') by The Whitest Boy Alive I can only listen to in Sweden. I first got used to it there and it gives me such good memories of living in Stockholm that I do not let myself listen to it anywhere else for fear of ruining that. Likewise, another of their albums I have ('Rules') I first started listening to at home in PA, running on the new trail with Oatie. It will forever remind me of that one instance; that memory is inexorably linked to that album. Peter Bjorn and John's 'Writers Block' is perhaps the only album that I can listen to anywhere, and without recalling anything significant (though it does bring back memories of the concert in Pittsburgh with Nate and Ryan). It is my all-time favorite album though, and I have listened to it so often so as to perhaps have erased any specific memories abotut it.

Stats: 4.2 miles / 37:50 / 9:00 m.p.min. / 2:08 off the pace.

Getting better, only slightly.