An email exchange about celestial nav.

I was just reading your article in the magazine "All at Sea" and had a couple questions. First I haven't done celestial in forever and thought the pub was 229 not 249. Am I misremembering, more than likely lol!? I was interested if you wrote other articles on this and if I could get a copy of them possibly. Please let me know. 

-A brother on the waters


Thanks for the email and glad you liked the article! I actually wrote a series of four articles on the topic, with the idea being that you'd be able to take a sight and reduce it having read all four. They are online here (, with the rest of my All at Sea archive.

As for the pub, we are both correct - Pub 229 was intended for navigation at sea, while Pub 249 is technically 'air navigation.' 249 is easier to use, as it was intended to be a quicker reference for pilots who needed the info faster as they were traveling much faster than a ship. However, it is also less accurate. It is argued though that the accuracy lost is negligible because the human error of actually taking a sight on a pitching deck of a boat is greater than the inaccuracy of the pub. 

I find it's easier to teach 249, and if people get really into it, they can delve into 229 on their own. Those who don't have that level of interest will have a solid base with only 249. So that's the long of it!