Support your local...

I talked Kate into buying the new Coldplay album from a real record store in West Chester. The idea of a record store is appealing, as convenient as it is to buy from iTunes. But if nobody supports them, that idea will disappear. She bought two.

I pre-ordered a book from the local bookstore in West Chester, The Nerdist Way. For the same reason. On the way to Hampton from Oxford, I stopped at a little place called the Book Bin on the Eastern Shore and bought War, by Sebastian Junger (the guy who wrote The Perfect Storm). I didn't even want it really. But I felt like they deserved some of my money, and the book is really good.

So support your local everything. That stuff will not be around if we don't, no matter how much we like the idea. So go to Dane's gym. Go to Schell's. Enjoy it. Spread the word. Oh, and buy my book too! I'll send you a personalized, signed copy. Email me at