Garage Strength Notes, Day 6

October 10, 2011:

Dane told me that his philosophy – or what he wants to appear in the newspaper – sort of centers on ‘doing what you say you will do.’ His parents drilled that into him and Brooks as kids. If you want to be a state champ, work hard and do it, do not just talk about it. He talked to me today about personal responsibility and being accountable for your health. I told him my angle was going to be on him doing what he loved, not really about the gym. He said that no matter how much he hounds the people he trains, they have to want to do it themselves.

As for the food and the farm, he believes that food has a relationship to everything you do in life, and that healthy soil begets healthy food, begets healthy bodies, begets healthy relationships. He did not make the farm to be the only place in the world that does it, but rather because he believes in it, and he hopes other people follow his lead. He related the Russian coach and how he was an open book talking about training methods, versus the American coaches who will charge money just to talk to them, and then the secrets they divulge are not secrets at all! This annoys Dane.

Dane also related that when you have all these ideas about the world, mostly negative, especially in his case in college, that you should channel that negative energy into something positive that will actually change the world, rather than just sit and complain about it.