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Father & Son Sailing is the humble little business that I got going a few years ago when I realized that Andy Schell Sailing would spell "ASS" on my business cards. And we can't have that. Indeed, as the name implies, it's sailing related, and primarily involves me and my dad. Andy & Dennis. But it also involves (more often than not) my beautiful girlfriend Mia, and my inspiring mom, Gail (appropriate name, eh?). Offshore yacht delivery is our specialty (my dad and I are both licensed captains, and Mia and Mom have thousands of offshore miles as crew), but we do other things too - Celestial Nav. workshops, sail training, and my writing.

We have lots of friends, which you'll find around the site. I enjoy making relationships with people, and I take things very personally. I strive to do things the Right way, with a capital "R," and we hope that comes across when you work with us. Check out the site, have a look at my credentials and experience, read some of my articles and decide if you want to work with us. We'd like to work with you (if you're nice).

giving the 'shaka' in australia...