49 West

I regret to say this, but I'm enjoying the air conditioning at Cafe 49 West. It's hot out, and I've spent the majority of the day sawing plywood at the marina, attempting to rebuild the portside of my boat. Last week I finished the destruction stage, removing everything on the port interior, including the table, settee and holding tank. The books that once stood on the shelf are now piled in the vee berth with our world map poster, a cushion, several blankets and all of our clothing. I will be sleeping in the saloon tonight.
But this air conditioning is a respite I needed. I ventured up to West Street this afternoon after discovering that the Leeward Market in Eastport was closed. I'm sick of City Dock and it's Johnny inhabitants, and don't like Hard Bean because their coffee sucks (even though I never intended on buying a coffee today anyway - it's the principle). So here I am, sipping on a Kombucha drink that nearly exploded all over my computer. Someone is out front playing the piano, and I don't need my headphones to tune out. There is a strange dude and a strange woman sitting at the table to my right, and I can't help but listen to their conversation. He said he might marry a German girl. He doesn't love her, but he thinks she'd say yes, and then he'd get to go to Germany whenever he wanted to.