How do you say thanks for providing a platform, experience, security, instruction etc. to do something that I’ve wanted to do for decades?
— Greg Butler // Caribbean 2016

Who they are...

Our crew comes from all walks of life, of all ages, from 17-89 (median age: 49). We've raced HARD with a crew ranging in age from 32-71. We've sailed with Senators and salesman, bus drivers and computer programmers. Our crew are both men and women, and our inclusive philosophy makes no distinction between the two. Some have crossed oceans while others have never set foot on a sailboat. 

A lot of our crew come back with us year after year. Some do so because they realize they can't, or don't want to, afford their own boat and the required maintenance, so they get their fix with us. Others are planning long-distance cruises on their own boats, so join us to get some ocean experience under their belts. Others still see it as a personal challenge, akin to climbing a mountain or running a race, and join us for the adventure of it.

Most of the crew comes to us through the podcast, but also from places like Attainable Adventure Cruising and other offshore sailing websites.

Shared Attributes

That said, ALL of our crew share some of the same personality traits. To a person, our crew tend to be:

  • Adventurous. Our crew have climbed mountains, skied back down them, run rivers, flown in fighter planes, fought fires, run marathons, competed in Ironman's and on and on.

  • Open-minded and willing to meet new people and share new ideas.

  • Hard workers, willing to chip in despite seasickness or a wet and rainy watch.

  • Eager to learn, with pre-conceived notions about ocean sailing left at the dock.

  • Appreciative of the smaller things in life and non-materialistic.

  • Cool people!