This page is meant to be for the USCG and other relevant authorities should our EPIRB onboard be activated. Pertinent information can be found below:

  • Track Isbjorn in real-time via our YB Tracker on
  • In case of emergency, contact Dennis Schell, Andy's Dad (USA cell phone), +1-610-763-2829
  • Satalite phone (Iridium) number: (Will only be turned on in an emergency) +8816 3256 2126

Offshore Passage Schedule Summer 2017:


Leg 11, 2017

  • Route: Stockholm - Vindön, West Coast of Sweden.
  • Dates:  September 8 - 21, 2017
  • Trip Specific: Costal sailing with friends from West to East Coast. Day sails in combination with a few overnight sails.
    Departure Nynäshamn to Visby, Gotland Sept 12, 6pm local time. 
  • Crew onboard:
  1. Captain Andy Schell (owner) (USA)
  2. Maria Karlsson (owner) (SWE)
  3. Thomas Harkin (USA)
  4. Patrick Maloney (CAN)