In Case of Emergency

This page is meant to be for the USCG and other relevant authorities should our EPIRB onboard be activated or should we request outside assitance.

If you are a doctor helping in a medical emergency, click here for the contents of our onboard med. kit // pharmacy.

Boat Details


Isbjorn HBG 1.jpg
  • s/v 'Isbjorn' // 1972 Swan 48 // Hull: Dark Blue // Deck: White // Mast: 1
    Liferaft: Viking RescYOU Pro 8, Yellow/Black // Dinghy: Grey Inflatable

  • MMSI #: 367695150

  • Radio Call Sign: WDI 4102

  • AIS Transceiver aboard

  • Satellite phone (Iridium) number: +8816 3256 2126

  • Track Isbjorn (pings every 4 hours) via our YB Tracker on


s/v 'IceBear' // 1991 Swan 59 // Hull: White // Deck: Brown/Teak // Mast: 1
Liferaft: Viking SOLAS 6-person (x2) // Dinghy: Grey Inflatable

  • MMSI #: 265635880

  • Radio Call Sign: SHMC

  • AIS Transceiver aboard (reporting as ‘THINDRA’, the old name)

  • Track Icebear (pings every 4 hours) via our YB Tracker on

Emergency Contacts:

Dennis Schell, Andy's Dad: (cell) +1-484-332-0836 or (home) +1-610-373-6145
Kaitlin Schell (Andy's Sister): (cell) +1-610-763-2829

Latest Position

Offshore Passage Schedule Summer 2020:

Click each record below for more details.

  • Note that a skipper & mate will be onboard for each passage, in addition to the "CREW ONBOARD" listed in each record below.

  • "P.O.B." # includes Skipper & Mate and is the total onboard for each passage.

  • Full details on each crewmember, including their own emergency contacts, can be received by contacting our 59 North emergency contacts above.

Onboard Medical Kit

Isbjorn has a comprehensive med kit aboard - if you are a doctor helping in an emergency, click here to see the contents of our med. kit (password protected - will be provided by sat phone or via emergency contact above).