59º North Coffee: 'Oh-Dark-Thirty' Roast

Whether you’re running before a brisk westerly in the North Atlantic or armchair sailing in your living room, ‘Oh-Dark-Thirty’ is the coffee to get you through the midnight watch. Hand-selected Sumatra beans are specially roasted in small batches for 59º North, to suit Andy & Mia’s specific tastes. This is a medium-dark roast, full-bodied coffee with a smooth finish. Drink what we drink and dream of heading offshore. Roasted by Fat Puppy Coffee Roasters, Myerstown, PA. Whole bean coffee or choose your grind, sold in 1 pound or 5 pound packs.

All proceeds go directly to support the 59 North Sailing Podcast. If you love coffee and dig the podcast, consider buying your coffee from us (and we promise, this stuff is the real deal) to keep the content you love coming your way for free.