Starting in 2020, we will be offering private/custom trips on either ISBJORN or ICEBEAR during our shoulder seasons when the boats are otherwise not on passage. Initially these trips will only be available to former crew and/or their friends & family. As we evolve this idea, we’ll potentially open it up to the general public.

These are NOT bareboat charters - all private trips will be skippered by one of our team, and may or may not include a mate/chef depending on your needs. Trips are fully customizable and competitively priced based on industry rates.

Send an email to if you’re interested.

2020 Available Cruising Grounds

  • Winter/Spring: Eastern Caribbean (BOTH BOATS)

  • Summer: Norway (ISBJORN), Ireland (ICEBEAR)

  • Fall: Portugal (ICEBEAR)

Highlights from Friends & Family // Guadaloupe 2019